Active XP: Resident Evil Village Review (+ Spoilers)

Joseph, Josh, and Chris dissect Resident Evil Village’s story, gameplay, and world in this spoiler-filled review.

Review code provided by Capcom

Spoilers start at 10:10

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With this being a continuation of RE7, we’ll touch on how Village connects to it and how these two games fit into the overall series as a whole. We’ll also touch on how we feel about the game’s narrative, which story beats stood out to us and what we thought about the wacky ending.

Based on previous discussions, it seems like we have different views on how we enjoyed the game’s ending, so we’ll dive into this during the review. 


Let’s start off with discussing Resident Evil Village’s gameplay, which has mostly remained the same from RE7. Here is a great time to talk about The Duke merchant and upgrade system, the new weapons, and any standout sections of the game in terms of gameplay.

We’ll cover the boss battles, creature design, level design, and its scare factor. Does it feel like an action game? Does it feel more like survival horror? We discuss our favorite and least favorite sections of the game here.

The Village

With it being called Village, how do the Village sections actually pan out? Does the Village feel like a “character?” Does it warrant being the game’s subtitle? How are these sections handled gameplay-wise and narratively? 

Any other notable points

During this section, we discuss any other talking points such as gripe or criticisms we haven’t yet covered, or how we feel about the Mercenaries mode. We’ll use this time to mention anything that didn’t fit in the previous sections.

Main takeaways

Here, we’ll wrap up our overall thoughts on Resident Evil Village, and whether we’d recommend it. We’ll also mention who this game is for and who should skip it.

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