About Us

Three friends on Twitter began a video game podcast on December 2018, and the show keeps improving! Now, over 65 episodes in, we are having in-depth conversations, plenty of laughs, and of course lots of LaCroix every week to Chris’ disgust. Active Quest is happy to be a part of the Handsome Phantom Video Game Podcast Network.

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The podcast hosts

Joseph Yaden (@JosephYaden)

His favorite games: Guitar Hero/Rock Band, Dark Souls, Resident Evil 7, Hotline Miami, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Persona 5

Joseph is a Northern Kentucky University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art. After realizing his passions lie elsewhere, he decided to pursue a career in games journalism with the goal of climbing to the top. He was a News Writer at PlayStation LifeStyle and has been a guides writer for IGN. He loves action RPGs like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, but is also fond of quirky Nintendo games on the Switch. Joseph can be found listening to prog metal and patiently waiting on that new Tool album.

Chris Penwell (@PenwellWrites)

His favorite games: Kingdom HeartsBeyond Good & Evil, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildCeleste, Persona 4/5Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Chris Penwell

The British “Canadian” Chris Penwell has been a video game journalist since 2013 and now has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from MacEwan University. He’s had articles featured on PlayStation LifeStyle, Vue Weekly, BagoGames, and now Sip Read Repeat and SwitchWatch. He hopes to expand his reach further! He loves to play JRPGs and games with a narrative. His dream is to go to E3 or PAX one day and experience the mania of the event.

Josh Nichols (@MrJoshNichols)

His favorite games: The Last of Us, Ocarina of Time 3D, Knights of the Old Republic II, Halo 2, Condemned Criminal Origins, Alan Wake


Josh likes watching characters maneuver through worlds and change and develop while reaching to the story around them. It’s enjoyable across all forms of media but games are his favorite way to experience stories. He is a former staff writer at BagoGames.