Our Gaming Heroes: Sakura (Street Fighter)

Every week, we’ll be recapping our favourite gaming heroes throughout history from the NES to the current generation and beyond! These heroes stand out to us either throughout our childhood or now in some shape or form. These are the heroes that inspire us and keep us playing video games! This week, we’ll be talking about the Street Fighter with a Precious Heart, Sakura Kasugano.

While Street Fighter is not traditionally a story focused game, the series has laid a foundation of lore behind its satisfying 2D brawling on screen. Sakura throughout the years has been an inspiration to keep your head up high and train to be the very best. Looking up to Ryu, she is a self-taught learner of his Satsui no Hado style. On many occasions, she has found Ryu to be defeated, but she grows from these experiences and becomes a stronger person and fighter.

(Street Fighter IV, Capcom)

In Street Fighter V, Sakura has finished high school and moves on to becoming a university student. She takes a part-time job at the arcade, but like many others her age, she is deeply considering her future. She bumps into Ryu, and he acknowledges that she is getting stronger and more mature than her past self. One troubling part of her character is her fixation on this master. There is deep speculation that she carries a love for the older man. She brings up that “having children” brings up new bonds in the lives of people, and that Ryu shouldn’t focus on fighting until he gets old and dies. She finds out later that she needs to find her own path of strength, and that maybe she shouldn’t be so reliant on Ryu. She won’t have children yet, but that is a goal of hers in the future.

A spirited moveset

Sakura plays very similarly to Ryu, but her moveset is tweaked to fit her personality. Her hadokens don’t go far as Ryu’s because she isn’t as learned as him. She can jump in the air and hit her opponents in a perky series of slams with the Haru Kaze and the Sakura Otoshi moves. She isn’t as rigid or disciplined as Ryu with bouncier attacks with a flourish, and her spin kicks are higher and faster.

One of the most memorable Street Fighter themes is Sakura’s Precious Heart song from Street Fighter EX3. It perfectly captures the character’s personality and willingness to learn from the best. It is commonly used in popular Twitch streamer’s Maximillian Dood’s videos.

Ever since her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 2 in 1996, she has been in multiple series like Rival Schools, Street Fighter X Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Puzzle Fighter, and many more, including cameos in Monster Hunter: World and We Love Golf!

She will continue to spark the spirit of fighting game players around the world with her upbeat attitude, charming albeit cheesy dialogue, and her more outlandish version of the Satsui No Hado fighting style.

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Thanks Street Fighter Wiki and Capcom Database for a quick reminder on Sakura’s storyline and facts like her cameos.

Featured Image: (Street Fighter V, Capcom)