Active Quest Episode 116: The PS5 Is Fastest Selling Console In History, We’ll Buy Resident Evil 4 One More Time

Joseph, Josh, and Chris go over some surprising sales results from March 2021 and discuss many indie standouts like Oxenfree 2, Before Your Eyes, and Emily Is Away <3. 


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Quick News

Nintendo is releasing a bright blue Switch Lite in May

 Taylor Lyles

Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings MMO Canceled

Liana Ruppert

Upcoming Releases/Announcements

Fortnite’s Aloy and Lara Croft team-up is delayed to next week

Andy Chalk


Days Gone PC Release Date Announced

Adam Bankhurst

Quick News

New Resident Evil Village demo comes to PS4 and PS5 April 17

Kellen Haney

Resident Evil 4 VR Announced for Oculus Quest 2

Matt T.M. Kim


Oxenfree 2 and more new games announced at Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Joseph Yaden

The PS5 is the fastest-selling console in U.S. history, according to March game sales data

Joseph Yaden

Listener Questions

Jordan Aslett


Is the new Switch lite blue or purple?



It is not lost on me that if you combine those two games you get… olli olli oxenfree

Andrew McMahon


Where the fuck is Hollow Knight Silksong? Also, shoutout to Oxenfree II and OlliOlli World. Both day one pick ups for me.

#1 Kingdom Hearts Fan


Hi there, long time no see! I thught I wasn’t wanted so I stupped ): 

Anyway, when do u think the next Kingdom of Hearts game will get announced? I’m running out of Hot cheetos and i need a pick me up.

What We’ve Been Playing


  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Warzone


  • Before Your Eyes (review code for RetroWare)
  • Ashwalkers (review code provided for RetroWare)
  • Outriders (review code provided)


  • Emily is Away ❤ (review code for Retroware) 
  • Pokemon Snap 
  • Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō!
  • Silent Hill 2

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