We’re going on an indefinite hiatus

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a good day. I have some bad news to share. After our hiatus, we had a discussion between us about the future of Active Quest. While we love the show and each other still, we’ve come to a decision to put Active Quest on an indefinite hold for the time being. Now that all three of us have jobs in the video game industry, we now have significantly less time to put into the podcast. We wanted to improve it, but we don’t have the time, nor the resources for Active Quest to prosper. We will be recording one last show to reflect on the podcast, the games we’ve played, and our friendship. 

As an editor, I’ve poured in hours upon hours of work into a show that barely anyone was listening to, and week by week, it became disheartening to see the lack of response from listeners since the pandemic began. Some of you have been dedicated, listening week to week, and we truly appreciate you joining this journey with us. It’s been fun, but it’s time to bow out for the time being. We may come back but don’t expect us for a while. 

We’ll be all doing our own separate projects, so follow us @JosephYaden, @itsjerkjersh, and @PenwellWrites. Thanks so much for listening to us over the years. May Xbox Game Pass forever be praised and may Joseph always hate Sonic with every fiber of his being. 

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