Active Quest Episode 113: It Takes Two And Monster Hunter Rise Are Amazing And Why Won’t Sony Keep Their Legacy Online?

In this episode, Chris, Josh, and Joseph discuss Monster Hunter Rise, a new Pikmin AR mobile game, It Takes Two, and Sony pulling its online stores for PSP, PS Vita, and PS3.

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Quick News

Epileptic PSA: Balan Wonderworld (Update)

Liana Ruppert

Report: Call Of Duty Returns To A WWII Setting This Year

Daniel Tack

Halo Infinite actor says game is launching in November 2021

Hirun Cryer

Back 4 Blood delayed until October

Austen Goslin

Upcoming Releases

A Pikmin AR mobile game is coming from Nintendo and the Pokémon Go team

Jeffrey Grubbz


‘Resident Evil’ Director Johannes Roberts Reveals Title and Details of Upcoming Film

Ellise Shafer

New STALKER 2 video, 15 new Game Pass titles, and everything else from the ID@Xbox showcase

Connor Sheridan

Report: PS3, PS Vita stores will close for good this summer

Owen S. Good

Listener Questions

#1 Turner and Hooch Fan


Hey my gaggle of goofy gigglin gamers, my question is do you think that my copies of Turner and Hooch on VHS I ordered are stuck on the big boat in the suez canal? I ordered 51000 copies.

Zion Grassl


What are your hopes for the new Resident Evil movie? I’m personally hoping it’s more focused on the horror of surviving the Raccoon City outbreak than the overall action of killing zombies.

#1 50 Cent Blood on the Sand fan


Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and Baby G-Unit (G is for Grogu. Always has been baby !) were all added to Fortnite in the last few months. 

When do you think 50 Cent is getting added?

Otto Kratky


Any PS3/Vita games are y’all scrambling to get? I’m trying to nab a PS3 now so I can get the R&C collection. Can’t beat the originals!

Alejandro Pizaña


Is there any info on what’s gonna happen once the Stores close?. Will we be able to download our games afterwards?. Do you think it’s a good idea to get anything quickly before it closes?. What are you guys going to do with your own PS3’s – if you have any?

What We’ve Been Playing


  • Monster Hunter Rise (review code provided) 
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon 
  • It Takes Two (review code provided)


  • Monster Hunter Rise (review code provided)
  • It Takes Two (friend pass access through review code)

I’ll be covering Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins and Lost Words: Beyond The Page


  • NeoGeo Pocket Color Selection Vol. 1 (review code provided)

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