Active XP: Hitman 3 Is A Near Perfect Stealth Game (Review)

Chris and Joseph review the amazing Hitman 3 that has impeccable game design and graphics. 

Review code provided by IO Interactive.


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Intro music from Hitman 3’s soundtrack by Niels Bye Nielsen and IO Interactive

Theme Song made by Novila.


Hitman 3 is the conclusion of the World of Assassination trilogy in which you play as Agent 47 once again. In it, players explore expansive levels with the goal of taking out one or more targets — stealthily or Rambo-style. 

The game’s main hook is that it allows you to pretty much tackle each level how you see fit. Want to walk right up to the target and wipe them out with a gun right in front of everyone? You can do that, but you’ll have a fight on your hands. The game rewards you for planning and taking it slowly, giving you ways to sneak around and disguise yourself as personnel, or even use your surroundings to make your target’s death look like an accident.


Hitman 3 plays like the other games in the series — from a third-person perspective. It features six main missions that vary in design, from one that takes place in a giant skyscraper and even a small city. You have a number of gadgets at your disposal and as you complete each mission’s challenges, you unlock more items to use to take down your target(s). This creates high replay value, giving you an incentive to tackle missions in multiple ways. Certain missions have little side stories within that make them feel much more alive.


The story in Hitman 3 takes place right after the events of the previous entry. Agent 47 is on the hunt for prominent Providence members as he seeks revenge against The Constant. His handler Diana, meanwhile, is on her own mission and her ambitions and loyalty to 47 remains unclear.

The cutscenes are brief, but somehow are super engaging as 47 comes out of his robotic shell. Pieces of dialogue that you overhear also add to the narrative of each character and target that you’re after. Goons, workers, and major characters all give valuable backstory that sounds natural rather than forced. They do repeat the lines at times, though, taking you out of the experience. IO Interactive are the masters of dropping lore to whoever is interested in it. 

Overall Thoughts

  • Music drops at random points. 
  • The graphics are phenomenal, especially in Chongqing where the neon lights are reflected within the puddles. 
  • So many ways to go about your target. It’s tooled to any kind of player. We recommend going about all options. 
  • Follow the tutorial as it’s essential to figure out how to play Hitman 3 and how the systems work. 
  • Hitman 1 and 2 passes are annoying. You need the gold edition of each game for it to work in Hitman 3. 
  • Hitman 3 walks that perfect line between serious overtones and hilarious situations/conversations. 
  • Overhearing possible solutions from the game’s dialogue encourages you to explore. 

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