Active XP – Mortal Shell Review

In this episode, Joseph Yaden, Axl Bosso, Steve Vegvari, and Jared Eden give their impressions of the new action RPG, Mortal Shell. It’s a fantastic game that newcomers might gravitate towards. 

  • Joseph Yaden — @JosephYaden
  • Axl Bosso — @Axl_Bosso
  • Steve Vegvari — @SVegvari
  • Jared Eden — @Ragevirus_X

A review code was provided by the publisher to Active Quest. 

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Mortal Shell is an action RPG developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. It follows a similar formula as Dark Souls, but features stark differences that make it stand out on its own. 

In it, you play as a faceless character who can inhabit Shells.These Shells are one of its main features, which are sort of like costumes that all include their own unique abilities. There are four of them that are found throughout the world and you’ll want to experiment with all of them to find one that suits your playstyle. 

The game’s story is as ambiguous as you’d expect with it being a Soulslike, so don’t expect a narrative that will hold your hand. You’ll find some environmental storytelling here and there, but for the most part, the main focus is on the combat.

General Impressions

At this point, we should discuss our general impressions of the game, without going into too much detail. We’ll get into all that further down. 


Here, we’ll discuss the Shells, their mechanics, and our overall impressions of them. 

  • Harros, The Vassal — Middleground, all around Shell.
  • Tiel, The Acolyte — Stamina Shell
  • Solomon, The Scholar — Resolve Shell
  • Eredrim, The Venerable — Durability Shell

We’ll discuss the Harden technique, along with Shell abilities, and how the Shells work when you die. 

Combat, Bosses, and Mechanics

This portion will focus on the game’s other mechanics, like weapon usage, Resolve, combat (parrying), its controls, items, leveling up the Shells/weapons, the Tar system, and how the game feels, overall. 

We should also discuss whichever bosses stood out to us, if possible:

  • Imrod, The Unrepentant
  • Tarsus, The First Martyr
  • Crucix, The Twiceborn
  • The Unchained

Exploration of the World

During this segment, we’ll discuss everything about the world, like the fog, enemies, Sesters, and the locations themselves.

  • Fallgrim
  • Shrine of Ash
  • Seat of Infinity
  • Crypt of Martyrs

We’ll also talk about which locations stood out the most and what we liked/disliked about them.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we can cover our overall thoughts about Mortal Shell at this point before we end the episode.

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